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Social & Community Access

Social and community access is important for everyone! We all need some sunshine, hobbies, fun activities or socialising to look forward too. Getting into the community can be challenging and we can provide supports to help you, whether it be assistance to get to an appointment, a day out at the beach or going to an art class, we want you to be supported so you can be independent and reach your social and community goals.

Domestic Assistance & Housekeeping

This is someone who comes in to help around the house. Perhaps you need someone to tidy or clean, help you with meal planning and preparation,  do your laundry or other domestic jobs in order to maintain your home environment and ensure you can live safely and well in your own home.

Personal Care & Hygiene

Personal Care involves helping a client with bathing, toileting or other hygiene needs, but it can also involve things like feeding, dressing, help with medications and moving around in your own home.

Medication Assistance

If you need someone to help dispense your medications to you, our Support Workers can follow your schedule and ensure that you are taking everything you need at the right times, and in the right way.

Meal Preparation & Planning

Preparation of meals can be a complex challenge for some individuals with disabilities, so our Support Workers can help make delicious and nutritious meals. Planning meals according to guidance from dieticians and other professionals is sometimes necessary, and our staff can also help with this. Alternatively, some clients may just need a bit of help with confidence building in the kitchen, and our Support Workers can help them learn new skills or learn to plan their meals in advance to be more independent.

Staying Fit & Active

Many clients need some assistance with fitness, particularly if this is something their doctor has suggested. We match Support Workers with skills and interests in this area to clients, and the day-to-day activities may include things like going to a gym, or for a swim, or even joining a sports team or working with a Personal Trainer.

Building Life Skills

There are lots of ways our Support Workers can help you increase your capacity to manage daily activities and be more independent. We offer one to one support for capacity building around day to day life skills such as paying bills, using a computer, learning to budget or becoming more independent with your own travel. Using encouragement and tailored teaching methods, Support Workers can help you to build your life skills.


Support Workers genuinely love engaging with each and every one of their clients. We make sure that we can see their passion when they walk through our door, and we wouldn’t hire them otherwise! Whether you feel lonely or isolated, or you just want a “professional friend” by your side when attending activities and events, our Support Workers look forward to spending time with you.

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